How Workplace Flu Shots Cut Down Risk To Businesses



Local businesses who leave the health of their employees to chance are not doing themselves any favours.

This is particularly the case when it comes to workplace flu shots, a specialised medical program that covers workers during that sensitive Autumn and Winter season where the risk is escalated for all members of the community.

From small suburban locations to dense metropolitan centres, the chances of picking up the disease and becoming ill are increased when proactive action is not taken.

The good news is, Corporate Care has a solution at hand, giving owners and managers a window to immunize their key assets and deliver an outcome all participants can be satisfied with.

This is a chance to advocate for this important and valued medical initiative.


Controlled Setting For Program

When managers call upon Corporate Care services for workplace flu shots they will offer their employees a completely controlled setting for the roll out of the program. They find the best possible location on site to run the initiative or will bring the participants to their practice to partake in the activity. This will allow everyone involved to have access to the right immunization materials in a safe and clean environment. Others that have to go looking for their immunization are not necessarily guaranteed that same level of protection and care.


Real Time Aid and Assistance

In the unlikely event that there is an adverse reaction to an immunization, specialists and participants with workplace flu shots are available and on hand to manage the situation. When individuals are left to their own devices, they are often injected with the shot and allowed to leave the premises and travel back home. That can open up a small window of risk in some rare cases if there is not a suitable waiting period that these programs offer all people. That capacity to access real time aid and assistance is incredibly beneficial should an adverse reaction occur.


Superior Time Management

Employees who do not have access to workplace flu shots have to find time out of their day to undertake the task on their own schedule. This can often mean leaving work early and booking in an appointment during business hours. Yet there will be others who simply won’t have that luxury when dealing with children and household commitments, increasing their risk of exposure. Should they fall ill as a result, that can be days and weeks off site, illustrating how imperative it is to have those few minutes on location to partake in the initiative. Time management for companies can be judged on the small details.


First Class Shot Program

Strains of influenza change over time as communities adapt and become immune to the flu. This does not mean that individuals can take this evolution for granted as new strains of the disease disperse around metropolitan, suburban and rural locations of the country. Workplace flu shots are offered in 2019 with first class precision, offering employees the chance to be immunized with the most modern form of medicine to cover them for the impending threat. Chances of infection are boosted when individuals are left to find their own solutions, opting for convenient providers that could be using outdated methods.



There are no Australian laws that dictate owners and managers have to implement workplace flu shots. It can feel like an imposition and inconvenient to usual business practice, but that inaction will simply open up the possibility of exposure to employees and when they do inevitably fall ill or take time off work, there can be no excuses. Services that offer workplace flu shots get results for the clients and ensure that all participants are working to their maximum, leaving competitors to continue with diminished resources.