3 Methods For How To Get Over Him

break up

break up

Dealing with a breakup can be incredibly tough if you were dumped by a guy you are still in love with. Let’s face it – you’re still infatuated with this man and the relationship you had, so you rationalize ways to get him back and obsess over his new relationships.

It’s really not healthy to spend too much weeping over what could have been – you’re going to end up moving on eventually, so it’s best to speed your healing up any way you can. Dwelling on the relationship or spending energy trying to repair it has the potential to disrupt other aspects of your life.

If you know that you WANT to move on, then you should consider following these 3 tips on how to get over him. For many women, break up therapy is also a great method for how to get over him.


1.      Pursue a new relationship

The easiest way to move on from your feelings over one guy is to start investing your feelings in another. All of the love you put into that one guy can start being transferred into the new one, and soon you’ll forget about your ex.

Of course, this all easier said than done. There’s no guarantee that you’re going to find someone new anytime soon or that you’re even ready for a new relationship. Also, a new partner can sense if you’re still thinking about your ex and this might jeopardize your new relationship.

With that said, if there’s someone you’re attracted to or already have some romantic feelings towards, then now might be the best time to proposition them. Who knows what could happen? You might find a guy who’s 100 times more amazing than you ever thought your ex was.


2.      Take a holiday

When thinking about how to get over him, you should consider whether or not you could benefit from getting away for a little while. If you were already saving up for a holiday to go on with your ex, there’s no reason you shouldn’t still go on a trip with your girlfriends, parents or even just by yourself!

Getting away from the geographic region that your emotional pain originates strangely is one of the fastest ways for how to get over him. Putting physical distance between you and your ex is surprisingly effective at helping you to move past them emotionally as well.

Don’t forget to treat yourself while you’re away! Another great way for how to get over him is to explore as many experiences as you can overseas so that you have lots of positive memories that don’t involve your ex fresh in your mind!


3.      Make a positive lifestyle change

Another method for how to get over him is to make a positive lifestyle change that you might not have been able to with your ex. For example, if you like the idea of going vegan but your ex was always against it, you can more comfortably adopt that lifestyle choice now without any concerns.

Or you could try going to the gym and getting the dream body you’ve always wanted. Pursuing fitness goals can really help improve your self esteem and make you feel more confident in pursuing new relationships.

Imagine the look on you ex’s face when their buddy shows them a photo from your social media showing how hot you are now! There are few better ways to let everyone see you know how to get over him and flaunt your sex appeal.

As you can see, if you’re looking for ways for how to get over him there’s no shortage of methods you can try. If they don’t work – consider breakup therapy!