5 Reasons Why You May Need An Epoxy Flooring or Concrete Sealer

room's flooring

room's flooring

If you think your garage floor or driveway is deteriorating rapidly or is in need of repair, you will probably need maintenance work and an epoxy flooring or concrete sealer. A floor coating is used to improve the durability and structural integrity of the ground; however, it can also help improve the aesthetic appeal. Indeed, a floor coating can be applied to either an indoor or outdoor environment, purely because there are plenty of available styles for different types of décor and interior design. So, if your flooring is in need of a drastic makeover, here are several great reasons why you should consider a concrete sealer!


Enhance its appearance

One great benefit of using epoxy flooring or concrete sealer is that is can provide a very polished and smooth finish to any floor. A nice “acid stain” style often fits in very well with most homes. You can even give it a nice marble finish if you want to give your home a very classical feel. Additionally, you can even spark up your floor with a wide variety of unique patterns and colours, which can be adjusted to suit almost any home!


Improves the durability of your floor

Another great advantage of using epoxy flooring and concrete sealer is that it can enhance the durability and strength of any floor surface when it is applied. This is because a floor coating contains several minerals that help reinforce floor surfaces and prevent further damage and deterioration. Your floors can become cracked and broken, particularly if host a lot of events and functions. Your driveway and garage can become damaged from general ‘wear and tear’, during which time a floor coating can really come in handy!


Improve the market value of your home

Naturally, an epoxy flooring or concrete sealer can bolster the visual aesthetic and appearance of your home, particularly if it fits in well with the décor. More importantly, a lot of home buyers are often deterred by the prospect of having to do a lot of interior design work or re-modelling. In fact, a lot of homebuyers will spend a significant amount added to the selling price to get a home that requires less internal and external work post-purchase. Well-landscaped homes will generally fare well in the real estate market!

Think about how expensive it is to rip up floorboards or carpets and lay new flooring, like floorboards or new carpet. It’s not cheap is it? Doing anything to maintain the durability and quality of your hard floor space is going to save you money in the long-term.


Better resistance against spills

mopping the floor

Spills can leave permanent and noticeable stains on your floors, particularly if you haven’t used epoxy flooring or a concrete sealer on your space. One of the more common places where this can occur is in your garage because oil can leak from parked vehicles overnight. An oil stain can be incredibly hard to get rid of and, in some instances, can weaken the surface. Other liquids like red wine, coffee and soy sauce can also leave noticeable stains if not cleaned properly and quickly.


Minimizes mould and mildew build-up

Finally, epoxy flooring and concrete sealer can also help extend the life of a floor surface by minimizing the occurrence of mould. Cold climates and weather patterns are especially bad, as moisture can build up on your driveway. Over time, this can cause your pavement to crack and even shift, which can eventually make it unsafe for use. Alternatively, hotter climates aren’t much better, since oxidation from the sun can cause driveways to flake and chip from excessive heat. So, if you’re living in Australia and your driveway is chipping, get in contact with someone who can apply a concrete sealer and help protect your driveway from the harsh Australian elements.