How To Go About Organising ACAT Assessments In Sydney

old woman eating

old woman eating

For those out there who may not be aware, ACAT assesments in Sydney are required when someone is looking to move into an aged care facility. Furthermore, this is required when someone is looking to be approved for government-funded services such as a respite, home care, residential aged care, a nursing home, or even home care. The reason for this is that not all people out there will be in a position where they can afford these types of services on their own.

As this is the case, people should always find out what they are entitled to by organizing acat assessments in Sydney. While this is all well and good, many people are completely new to this subject and will have no idea where to start. It is important that these people know that they aren’t alone and that there is plenty of support out there that they can rely upon.

This can be an extremely difficult time for many people but this kind of system is designed so that things can seem a little more straight forward. People can easily know what they are entitled to and are then able to make educated decisions from there.


old woman sittingPeople are able to organise acat assessments in Sydney by contacting different nursing homes

For those out there who are completely new to this subject, they will have peace of mind knowing that there are plenty of professionals out there who are able to help. For instance, when someone starts looking for a place for their loved ones to live they may arrange to visit several different nursing homes. When they do this, they are able to discuss the ins and outs of the finances and the staff members may be able to point people in the right direction of how to get started.

For instance, people usually organise acat assessments with nursing home staff members when they have a referral from a health care professional. This could be from a nurse, a local GP, or from a social worker. The only thing that people will have to do in this instance is ensure that they have given these professionals consent in order for them to pass on personal details as well as a referral.


What kinds of things can people expect to go through when completing acat assessments in Sydney

However people end up going about organizing acat assessments in Sydney, it can usually be helpful for them to have an understanding of some of the things that they will need to discuss. A range of factors will be looked at ranging from health and medical history, any physical requirements that the person may have, psychological needs, social needs, as well as any other special needs or concerns. This last part is important as many people have religious activities that they will want to ensure that they can continue with.

It can also be helpful for some people to know that acat assessments in Sydney are free to participate in. This is important for many as they might be wanting to help out a loved one but won’t have much money to work with. This kind of service will usually take 45-minutes to 75-minutes to complete.

Once people have completed this, people will then receive a copy of the report approximately two-weeks after the meeting has taken place. This will allow people to proceed with the process of applying for a desired nursing home or aged care facility. In conclusion, the whole process is designed to be straightforward for everyone to understand.