Why a Comprehensive Tree Assessment Report Matters To Your Business Environment

tree assessment report

Modern businesses in 2018 need to ensure that they are following through on their protocols and due diligence with each and every department.


In some scenarios, that happens to fall outside of the office boundaries. The presentation of a warehouse or an office space will present a certain message to the outside world, and that is something that has to be managed and addressed despite not being high on the overall agenda inside the building.


Here is where a tree assessment report from a reputable arborist enters the equation, with a need to provide transparency, safety and assurances for the surrounding tree population.


These checks and balances are important on a number of fronts. It is a test and a gauge for your respect and understanding to the surrounding community but also a benchmark that illustrates how well your business is run from a logistical and managerial standpoint.


So here we will argue why such a comprehensive and regular assessment is necessary for the nearby terrain, a facet of your business that you might not have initially calculated.

Risk of Spreading Disease and Deterioration


The fundamental reason why a business would source a tree assessment report is to discover and diagnose issues that would arise from disease or deterioration. This is a facet that can spread and fester if there is not a degree of pruning, cutting back and sectoring off in certain instances. By constraining certain hazards that are identified, there can be measures put in place to replace vegetation and restore it to its natural state.

Proximity to Business Structures


The risk of branches falling over power lines or onto buildings is something that a tree assessment report can illustrate and have on record. The physical proximity to your location is an element that is considered and actions must be taken when the analysis points to a clear and present danger with this vegetation. Regular inspections and reports allow for operators to make adjustments.

Eliminating Potential Costs


Should a tree assessment report be an oversight on the part of your business, then you should be prepared for additional and unwanted costs to follow if you are surrounded by vegetation and tree life. With a failure to prune and cut back these items, you risk exposure to unwanted growth and the risk of damage rising each and every day that the matter is not addressed. On this count, the reporting from an arborist is an investment and insurance against future accidents.

Investing In The Local Community


From a purely PR perspective, there is a rationale to sourcing a tree assessment report from an arborist. Given your proximity to other businesses in the area, from florists to coffee shops, accountancy firms, dentist offices, pharmacies, movie theatres, banks, malls or stores that are representative of the local economy, an assessment to nurture and revitalise the environment can do wonders for your brand. These events can generate media coverage or provide you some content for social media and your SEO endeavours online. Either way, you are making an investment back into a region that you need to impress and present a brand image towards.

Fitting Business Environment Aesthetic


Your business might have nothing to do with a green image, but a tree assessment report can allow your environment to flourish. The aesthetic is of course down the scale on the list of priorities, but a healthy and thriving image of trees, landscape and the forest can really prove to be an asset in all matter of cases. It can be designed and catered however which way you would like, so long as the procedures are legal. There is a series of opportunities that can open up in these instances, from waterfalls to vegetable gardens, floral arrangements and other features that add aesthetic value.