What You Should Consider Before Getting A Medical Abortion In Sydney


Deciding to pursue the termination of a pregnancy is often an incredibly confusing and stressful ordeal for women in that position. It is a decision that only the woman can make, although she may be faced with a great deal of external pressure to lean one way or the other.

There are obviously a huge amount of factors that going into making this decision and ultimately there is no ‘wrong’ choice you can make. All that matters is that you make the right decision for you.

However, a lot of women can feel confused about what to do. If you are in the early stages of pregnancy and living in metropolitan New South Wales, then you may be in the process of considering a medial abortion in Sydney.

Let’s take a look at some of the things you should take into consideration before pursuing a medial abortion in Sydney.



The difference between this and the surgical option

Many people do not realise, but there are actually two forms of termination that women can undergo. Getting a medical abortion in Sydney involves taking a special kind of medication that forces the uterus to expel the pregnancy without the need for any kind of surgery.

A surgical termination is what is more commonly understood by most people and involves an invasive procedure in which a doctor physically removes the pregnancy. The surgical option is highly effective and, contrary to some misinformation, does not because complications with future pregnancies should the woman desire them.

You can only safely get a medical abortion in Sydney if you are less than 9 weeks pregnant. It is a low-risk option, with a 98% success rate. It is also, obviously, far less invasive than the surgical option and is considered to feel more ‘natural’ to many women, being comparable to a miscarriage or heavy period.


Your personal circumstances

woman sitting

For many women put in the position of considering a medical abortion in Sydney, their personal life circumstances are the biggest deciding factor. Many women feel as though they would like to have children at some point in their life, but don’t feel like they’re ready, either emotionally, financially or both, to raise a child.

For women who have been victims of sexual violence and have become pregnant as a result of that, getting a medical abortion in Sydney is considered a highly valid option. If you did not want a child or if you do not feel you have the resources to properly care for one then there’s no reason to carry on with the pregnancy.

Some women have had surprise pregnancies, carried the baby to term and then felt very satisfied as mothers. It’s all about what you personally want to do – you should not feel pressured one way or the other.

If you are worried about any potential physical complications or side effects, the best thing to do is always to consult with your doctor. They will give you a professional opinion based on your history and current health about how safe the procedure is for you to carry on with.


Your personal beliefs

Needless to say, a woman getting a medical abortion in Sydney is a still a very controversial issue and there are many opinions, both religious and philosophical, against terminating a pregnancy. As mentioned, the decision should be entirely yours so that it satisfies your personal beliefs rather than anybody else’s.

As you can see, the choice for a woman to pursue a medical abortion in Sydney is an extremely involved one and shouldn’t be treated lightly.