Reasons Why You Should Enroll In a Dance Class

Dancing isn’t restricted to five year old girls in tutus, taking their first ballet lesson. It is actually socially acceptable at any age and might prove to deliver some exceptional benefits.

So if you’re looking for a social, physical or mental booster, possibly all in the one activity, have a look at the following considerations that might convince you to enroll in some Social dance classes.

Stay in shape

Dragging yourself to the gym is not the only option to staying fit as your get older. Many people find exercise becomes more and more like a chore as you get older. It feels like a necessary thing to do to stay healthy and keep the kilos off, but sometimes it’s easier to just skip gym day.

Social dance classes offer you a completely different physical experience that can transform your dreaded hour of doom into a fulfilling session that you actually look forward to. You don’t need any experience to start dancing and you receive a great cardio workout that burns the calories.

Time Flexibility

Although team sports get harder to find and commit to as you receive more responsibilities, dance classes are a perfect option for keeping active with no obligations. Hop in and out on a day that suits you, with many studios offering pay-per-class opportunities. That way, you’re able to work it in with your busy schedule, without taking on the stress of any more commitments.

Mental Benefits

With so many things to think about, errands to run and work to get done, stress levels can reach pretty critical levels. Any form of exercise is essential to disperse some stress and revitalise your mental health. However, dance is known to reduce stress levels to a greater degree than any other type of exercise, so it might be ideal for giving yourself a pressure outlet.

Dancing is also great for your memory and cognitive functioning. Through learning movement sequences and practicing a routine, your brain gets a useful work out. Subsequently, it has been proven to act as a preventative measure for memory loss and dementia, so signing up for a dance class may actually help care for your future.

Social opportunity

As an Social, you’ve already established your network of friends and there are often limited opportunities to meet anyone new.

Social dance classes can be a fantastic way to meet new people who share the same interests as you. Social classes are relaxed and they get everyone involved. There’s no pressure to become the next big thing, you’re able to have fun and unwind in an active environment, with different people that you otherwise might not get the chance to meet!

On the other hand, you may like to grab a bunch of your friends and sign up for a class together! When everyone’s got so much going on in their lives, it can be hard to find time to fit everything in. So, enrolling in Social dance classes means you’re able to catch up and spend time with your friends, all while getting your daily dose of exercise.

Special events

Dancing is an integral part of social life and no matter how hard you try to avoid the dance floor, chances are you’re going to get dragged onto it as some stage. So you may as well approach the inevitable with a bit of confidence and style, right?

You might want to join a class to prepare for a big event. Maybe it’s your wedding day, in which case you want to surprise your significant other with some new skills.

Or, you might decide to enroll together, so you’re perfectly in sink for your first dance. If you’re a dancing couple and would love to learn a more technical routine to surprise the guests, enrolling for lessons would be a no brainer.

Alternatively, you may want to learn a simple waltz to make your moment unforgettable, while also having some fun leading up to the event. Being totally prepared for your wedding day will shake off some of those nerves, let you properly enjoy the moment and help make the event extra special.

Whatever your goals are, dance can provide you with a range of benefits that will fit in seamlessly with your day and won’t impede on your other responsibilities. Life gets tiring and monotonous sometimes, so signing up for Social dance classes is a great way to try something new and exciting.