Made to Measure Blinds: What Makes Them So Popular?

Blinds serve dual purposes—aesthetics and functionality. On one hand, the blinds you install in your house should look good, complementing the rest of your home décor and adding to the overall look of your house.

But also, let’s not forget that blinds have a very basic functionality, which is to provide insulation and privacy to your house. If you are looking for blinds that take care of both of those aspects, then customised blinds are your best bet.

Here’s why made to measure blinds are so popular.


Better Look and Fit

Customised blinds give you that classy, high-end look. Since they are measured to precisely fit your windows and doors, the end result are blinds that look luxurious. You just cannot achieve such a good fit with off the shelf blinds.

If your blinds are too large or long for your windows, you run the risk of them damaging the wall, scratching off the paint and leaving ugly marks on your otherwise pristine walls. Not to mention oversized blinds just do not look appealing.

In fact, tailormade blinds are one of the easiest ways to give your house an instant makeover, making it look much more elegant and upscale.

Choose the Right Material

One of the biggest advantages with customised blinds is the fact that they come with a wide range of available materials. You can pick and choose the fabric based on the exact colour and texture that you want.

Your blinds can match with your walls or be in total contrast with them to add a little pop of colour to your house. Having the freedom to choose the right fabric instead of having to make do with the available colours and materials in the readymade blinds section is a huge advantage, just ask an interior designer.

Unique Detailing

How would you like to add some unique detailing to your blinds, making them one-of-a-kind? From having a lace trim to some beading detailing along the length of the blinds, you can request for some very unique additions to make sure your blinds are truly exclusive.

You can discuss with your interior designer and see what ideas they’ve got as far as detailing goes. Adding such small details can make a huge impact to the look of your indoor living space.


Customised blinds are much more durable and less susceptible to wear-and-tear than off the shelf blinds. This is because they are painstakingly made, with a lot of attention to detail, to ensure that the finished product is absolutely perfect and made to last. So, if you are looking for a long-term solution that involves little upkeep and maintenance, then customised curtains are the way to go.

Extra Lining

With tailormade blinds, you have the option of having an extra-thick layer of lining for added insulation or better light blocking. Depending on your specific needs, be it better insulation or a pitch-black room, you can pick the right lining material.

Having this flexibility means that your blinds will provide you with everything that you want. No more having to wear an eye mask to keep the morning light at bay, or cranking up the heater to keep yourself warm and ward off the winter chill.

Ease of Use

After installation, customised blinds are easier to use and operate. Readymade blinds can give you trouble by getting stuck or not functioning properly in the space as it isn’t made to the right specifications.

But you completely eliminate any such issues with tailormade blinds. And in the end, what you get are smooth-operating blinds that don’t give you any cause for concern. Once you’ve installed them, they will last a very long time without any major glitches.

The biggest disadvantage that is touted when talking about made to measure blinds is that they are expensive. What people fail to consider is all the hidden costs involved. Having ill-fitted blinds is an eye sore that will ruin the interior décor of your house.

Apart from that, you might have to call in reinforcements to get them fixed if they start getting stuck or giving you other trouble. And let’s not forget the other equally important issues of insulation and complete privacy. Customised blinds will offer you complete privacy while readymade blinds may leave gaps that will let in light and offer outsiders a ‘peephole’ to look into your house.

Without a doubt, customised blinds are the way to go if you are after 100% privacy, good insulation and great looks and designs.