Give your family get-together a Hawaiian twist this summer

Hawaiian Party Supplies

When the summer season is around the corner, Aussies love to come out from under the covers to soak up the sun and get tanned on a beach or in their private lawn by the poolside. This is a perfect time to gather up your Hawaiian party supplies and organise a get-together to let your near and dear ones know how much you love them and would like to have them over for a fun-filled weekend.

Why not try something new this summer and sweep your guests off their feet by giving a Hawaiian spin to your party? Start your preparation early on and show your guests what good times are made of.

Send them invites they can’t say no to

The first step is to send your guests the party invites at the onset of summer so that they can plan their life accordingly. Download a Hawaiian invitation template from the Internet or create your own if you want to give your party invites a personal touch. You may also buy Hawaiian party supplies which also include custom made invitations. Sending a delightful Hawaiian party invitation to your guests is one way of saying that something is fascinating in store for them.

Make sure your guests dress according to the theme

A Hawaiian themed party is incomplete without guests showing up in flower-printed shirts, board shirts, long skirts, etc., and make sure your Hawaiian party supplies include Leis and beach hats to complete the attire. You can also buy a couple of Hula skirts and Hawaiian shirts for yourself or someone from the guest list who couldn’t get to shop for themselves.

Choose fancy, bright-coloured décor

The Island of Hawaii is a nature’s blessing with gorgeous sandy beaches, beautiful landscapes and tropical flowers, and to create the same effect at your party in Australia, handpick your Hawaiian party supplies to match the exact picture in your head. From tableware to decorations to patio lights, your Hawaiian party supplies should include all of this and everything in between.

Don’t forget to kindle Tiki Torches

A Hawaiian party is incomplete without Tiki torches, which are essentials among many Hawaiian party supplies. Kindle Tiki torches and stake them around to recreate the feel and warmth of a Hawaiian beach party in your backyard. In case you don’t want to put your party at risk with untamed flames, you can flip Tiki torches for Hawaiian lanterns, which are equally mesmerising.

Complete the picture with inflatable décor

A wide range of inflatables can come in handy to liven up your Hawaiian party. Stock up your Hawaiian party supplies with inflatables, such as beach balls, letters & numerics, palm trees or a small inflatable pool to let your younger guests cool off while soaking up the fun.

Treat your guests to mouthwatering Hawaiian recipes

Serving delicious food is an essential gesture of warm hospitality which can’t be ignored. Surprise your guests with Hawaiian food served hot on their platter. While there’s a wide variety of seafood to keep as an option, we are a bit partial to Cocktail Shrimp, Sushi and Grill Mahi Mahi. All these delicacies can be served with drinks your guests prefer.

Organising a family get-together comes with a mountain of stress, but when you have a proper plan and right party supplies up your sleeves, you can be the host any guest would remember for life.