Christening Gowns: How To Make A Decision

christening gown

christening gown

If you are having a baby or have just had one, the chances are your life is hectic. There are so many things to plan, what will go in the nursery, what colour the walls will be, how long will you have to take off from work along with dealing with the new grandparents and when they can take care of the little one. Along with all those worries and more, there is the matter of a religious service to welcome the newborn into the Christian world. For some these ceremonies don’t matter all that much anymore but for others they are crucial and very important part of the baby’s young life, as are the christening gowns they will wear on the special day.

They are a chance for everyone to come along and take part in the celebration of the newborns life while starting the baby’s journey in their new religion. With that in mind, the parents have to decide what type of Stellina Cute Couture christening gowns they could see their baby in on their special day. It is a big decision and to help with it, we have some good tips below so that your baby will look spectacular on the big day.


  1. Budget

Christening gowns can be expensive depending on the brand, material used and where it was made. As with shopping for clothes in general it can come down to how much money you are willing to spend. A good way to save money would be to use something that may have been used by cousins or that has been passed down for a few generations. This way you can save money, while using clothes with sentimental value. If that option doesn’t work, try both online shopping and shopping in store to see where you can get the best deal. Christening gowns can be pricey but if you put in enough effort you should be able to find something within your budget.


  1. Boy or Girl

Traditionally christening gowns could be both for girls and boys, in which case the girl might wear a bow to distinguish. However, as time has passed more and more boys wear suits while girls still wear dresses. It is a matter of taste, but it is good to decide prior to shopping around. This way you will save time and can get what you want quickly and with maximum ease.


  1. Colour

When it comes to colour, christening gowns suit a more understated one. White is the traditional colour, that of purity and innocence. Nowadays, there are plenty of gowns with a splash of colour, maybe pink for girls or light blue for boys, or else the colour of the country might be put on the dress. Just remember, it is best to keep it low key while fitting in with tradition may be the best option.


  1. Fit

A proper fit may not seem too important for christening gowns but it is. Babies have irritable skin and need to have room to move on their special day as you don’t want the newborn crying throughout. If you can, try and bring your child in for a fitting so you can find something comfortable but if not make sure you get their measurements. Buy a dress that is made with material that won’t itch your baby’s skin too.

This time of your life is a wonderful time so don’t stress out too much over christening gowns. There will be plenty of selection out there making it easy to find something you like, just do it with plenty of time before the ceremony. Other than that, enjoy the day and let the celebrations commence.