Choosing The Right Paper For Your Wedding Cards

hands of the wedding couple

When you’re tying the knot in the not so distant future there are many tough decisions to make. One these is what to say on your invitations to family and friends. It can be equally as hard to choose not only the perfect words, but also what to put these on. We’re talking what kind of paper to print your whimsical work of art onto. It can be quite the dilemma.

Who knew there were so many kinds of paper to choose from? We were certainly surprised to find these 8 different options for your wedding cards, and this list isn’t even exhaustive…

Check these out and perhaps you’ll be one step closer to finding that picture perfect paper.

wedding card


  1. Marbled

Just as the name implies, this paper actually looks like marble stone. How fancy! This can be an elegant black and white scale, or your choice of colours melting into one another for an eclectic background.

You can either getting your wedding cards formally printed onto marbled paper, or easily DIY it. Here’s how…

  • Float ink in some water by lightly touching the surface of the water with the tip of your ink pen
  • Swirl the ink
  • Place sheets of paper in the water,
  • Admire your end result – a divine marbled texture


  1. Glossy

This is paper with a shiny finish, ideal for photographs, so if you’re looking to include a beautiful portrait of you and your partner on your wedding cards, this will make a great choice.


  1. Matte

A coating is added over the paper to create a less shiny but still quite smooth appearance. If you want some beautiful colour contrasts and clarity for your images and text, this is a great option for your wedding cards.


  1. Parchment

Are cellulose bakery-release paper. It’s a thin, flat material made from prepared animal skin, and traditionally used in medieval times. These days it’s soaked in sulfuric acid or zinc chloride to dissolve the paper.

For an old-fashioned feel, use parchment paper to make your wedding cards into scrolls.


  1. Mylar

Paper coated form polyester film meaning it can be stretched a fair way without breaking. If you like the sound of silvery, metallic wedding cards, mylar is the paper for you! Also as they are rigid and durable, the invitations getting damaged is one less thing to worry about.


  1. Glassine

Glossy, grease free, and water resistant.  You may have seen this used in photo albums, stopping photos from getting stuck together.

Have you heard of ‘calendaring’? It’s the process by which fabrics are passed through calendar tubes at high temperatures and pressures, this causing the textiles to produce a watered moire effect.

Glassine paper is made via ‘super calendaring’. While this may not be some fancy super power, as the name suggests, it does produce a translucent, water and grease-free paper. Dyes can for an opaque end product.


  1. Recycled

We highly rate this eco-friendly option. Recycled paper is a booming business with a lot of rippled coloured creations coming out of India.These often radiate an organic theme in both appearance and texture.

Why stop here? See how many green products and services you can use in the making of your big day.


  1. Linen

True to the name, linen paper indeed looks like fabric and is made from fabric. Boasting elegance and class, it has a timeless aesthetic and soft, gentle texture (throwback to the Ancient Egyptians embalming ancestors in linen cloth).

Print clean and crisp words and simple designs on to your linen wedding cards.