Alternative Ways to Use a Wardrobe

Spending the money in order to find more space for activities, guests or even just storage can be a challenge, especially for those living in an apartment.  Sometimes, it’s about getting creative and finding alternative uses for things that are already around the house – like a wardrobe!

Whether it’s a hobby that wants to be made reality or a dedicated room for entertaining there are more ways than one to assemble a closet. It is time to think outside the box and take a look at some of the different ways a wardrobe can be used.

Storage Space

Yes, it’s a simple one but often it’s just filled with other clothes that rarely get worn or just junk that hasn’t been thought about in years. Cleaning out the junk from the closet can create more storage space for the things that are actually needed and wanted but don’t get used regularly.

Reorganising the dresser, such as taking out the railings and any shelving, to best fit all the storage items is also an effective way of fitting more in. Now, the linen that was previously living under the bed can have a home, equipment and other items are out of the way.

A Guest Bedroom

Turning a walk-in wardrobe into a guest bedroom can be a great way to maximise space in the rest of the house. Providing guests with a bed is important, but providing it in the closet, ensures that the rest of the room can now be used for other things and hence, creating a more space.

Not only does this provide additional space in the house for storage and other things, it also gives guest a cosy room all to themselves. This can be especially useful during holiday times (like Christmas) when the house is likely to be filled to the brim with friends and family.

Kids’ Playroom

Take out the shelving and railings and this can become a child’s best friend. It’s understandable in a small apartment that often there isn’t a lot of space to play and the last thing anyone wants is a restless child. Using an unused closet is a great way to give them the privacy they need in the safety of home.

Not only that, it can now act as a great storage space for all of their toys and gadgets to that parents won’t be left stepping on Lego as they walk through the house. Using a dresser as a kids’ playroom, doesn’t just provide a place to play, but also keeps the mess out of the way.

Cellar/ Bar

It can often be hard to find the space to store alcohol in a small home, let alone a convenient and streamlined way to access it whilst entertaining guests. Turning a small (or large) clothing cabinet into a cellar or bar can be easy. With a lot of the shelving already in place, it’s often just about creating a benchtop and cleaning out that space below to potentially install a fridge or spaces for various glasses.

However it’s assembled, the basic structure of the wardrobe provides a great basis for a cellar or bar. A closed off space that can be opened or closed at any time is ideal, and best yet, there is now a perfectly adequate room for entertaining as well.


For those bookworms that just can’t get enough, by wardrobe assembly you can transform a space into a library! Whilst it can be a little cosy, the need for many additions to the space is limited. It’s likely that all the required shelving will already be in there and any spaces where there are railings can now be used for decoration and functionality.

Putting in a small desk and a nice reading chair will add a sense of style to the room. This will also present a beautifully quiet space to get stuck into a new book. The shelves in the current wardrobe can act as a great place to put books, meaning this transformation can occur quickly and with ease.


Old wardrobes are often quite beautiful and can be undervalued by some, however, if styled well, can make for a great display. They allow the owner or stylist to put their own touches onto a classic piece and most importantly show it off. Filled with flowers, candles and other small decorative pieces, the old dresser can be transformed into a lovely showpiece for any home.


Whether it’s a large walk-in or a small clothing cabinet, transforming it into a study or desk is a great way of maximising space. In any small home, finding space to a home office can be difficult, and finding space that isn’t in everyone’s way is even harder.

By doing wardrobe assembly to function as a study, allows all the bits and pieces to be out of sight when it isn’t being used and provides a nice, little enclosed space when work needs to be done.

It only requires a little creativity and imagination to see the endless opportunities available in assembling a wardrobe. Whilst it is commonly used for storage, restructuring and a little investment can make a big difference and help to discover space that couldn’t be seen before.